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About us 

We are a product-oriented company based in the Netherlands. Our product Claire is a unique process optimization tool that allows various after sales departments to work together more efficiently. Claire was created to minimize waste and optimize transparency and information flow within the automotive aftersales processes. As a result, we provide our customers with more insights and transparency, fewer waiting times and less time wasted in the workplace. Claire supports every step in the process by means of integrated checklists and generates reports that make all actions of staff visible and measurable. This leads up to 40% more efficiency and revenue for our customers.


Our product is used in more than 300+ car dealerships for brands such as Peugeot, C
, DS, KIA, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and Land Rover in 4 countries in Europe.

Claire Automotive Support works with enthusiastic and qualified employees. Working at Claire means improving every day, not only for ourselves or for our product, but also for our customers! Want to become part of our team? Send your resume and motivation to:

Frontend developer

We are looking for an experienced Frontend Developer to join the Claire team!

Job description

As a frontend developer you will participate in transforming business goals into compelling, usable, and interactive experiences. You will work on improvements and new functionalities for Claire's web application.

You should feel comfortable working with Javascript (ES6/7), React and its ecosystem to create performant user interfaces. If you have no experience with React that is OK, as long as you have worked with other similar libraries and frameworks.

Key responsibilities:

    - Work closely with our product owner to bring ideas from mockups to end user

    - Promote teamwork among peers and transfer your knowledge

    - Research and document emerging technologies

    - Maintain the highest coding standards and best practices by keeping up with the latest Web Development Standards

Required qualifications: 

    - Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other related field   

    - 2+ years programming experience using HTML/CSS, JavaScript/JQuery/Framework

    - Excellent communication skills

    - Must be a self-starter with ability to work with minimal supervision      

    - An obsession for high-quality deliveries

    - Passion for improving skills and learning new technologies   

    - Strong understanding of fundamentals of web development and the underlying technologies

    - React, Polymer (is a plus), Angular, Vur

    - Experience with libraries such as Redux, TypeScript, Flow, Axios, Cypress, React-Router, i18next is a plus

    - Knowledge of server-side programming technology is a plus (Golang, ASP.NET, Java, Node)

    - Experience with Git-based versioning   

    - Experience with design patterns

    - Excellent judgment, organizational-, and problem-solving skills

    - Knowledge of Jira and Scrum techniques is a plus

    - Fluency in English, both written and spoken, is required


    - Competitive compensation package

    - Opportunity to work for a fast growing company in one of the hottest industries

    - Flexible working hours and environment with great vacation policy

    - Modern work equipment

    - 35-hour working weeks

Number of positions1

Please submit your applications via email :
Product owner

We are looking for a dedicated product owner to join our office in the Netherlands. 

Job description 

As a product owner, you will plan and manage the product development from start to finish, and ensure that the product meets the customers' needs and delivers the company's vision.

Key responsibilities:

    - Working closely with customers and other stakeholders to collect and present new ideas

    - Acting as the main point of contact between developers and stakeholders

    - Defining and elaborating new product features and other product backlog items

    - Maintaining the product backlog (making it clean, prioritized, transparent, up to date)

    - Leading developers through the product backlog refinement process

    - Working closely with the support team to address issues and requests reported by customers

    - Participating in all Scrum events during the sprint

    - Supporting developers to meet the objectives of each sprint

    - Validation of new increments before they are released to customers

    - Working closely with Scrum Master to implement the process improvements


Required qualifications:

    - 2+ years of experience as a product owner or business analyst

    - Excellent communication skills

    - Knowledge of agile principles and Scrum framework

    - Excellent judgment, organizational-, analytical-, and problem-solving skills

    - Strong presentation skills

    - Ability to multi-task

    - Fluency in English, both written and spoken, is required

    - Automotive experience is a big plus



    - Competitive compensation package

    - Opportunity to work for a fast growing company in one of the hottest industries

    - Flexible working hours and environment

    - Modern work equipment

    - 32-40 hour working week

Location: Netherlands

Number of positions1

Please submit your applications via email :
Senior Full stack developer

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced full stack developer to join our office in the Netherlands.

Job description 

With this job you will have a key role within our fast-growing company, and the right candidate will have a big influence on the quality of our product. If you are the perfect match for us, you will be encouraged to share your knowledge, experience and insights with the company's founders. We expect you not only to create, code and improve our backend and databases, but also to focus on collaboration with all our team members and to bring our product to a whole new level. What you help us build will be used by thousands of customers.

Key responsibilities:

    - Work closely with other team members to identify application needs and translate these needs into backend requirements

    - Collaborate with developers and QA to ensure the delivery of the sprint incremental

    - Developing internal and external REST and RPC APIs

    - Developing user interface in collaboration with our designers

    - Troubleshoot and debug applications

    - Participate in code review environment that encourages learning and high code quality

    - Writing clean and testable code

    - Writing unit and integration tests for written code

    - Managing infrastructure together with DevOps engineers

    - Exercise your own judgment along with support from teammates to architect and implement robust, maintainable solutions

Required qualifications:

    - 5+ years experience with a server-side and front-end programming technologies

    - Experience with SQL Databases

    - Experience with Golang, or with Java/C/C++ and interested in learning Golang

    - Experience with Google Cloud Platform

    - Hands-on test-driven development (TDD), data analytics, and SQL experience

    - Experience in producing REST and RPC based services

    - Experience building secure and highly-available distributed systems/microservices

    - Experience with Git-based versioning and Git workflows

    - Knowledge of Redis, Docker, Setting up CI/CD pipelines and Unix command line

    - Knowledge of Jira and Scrum techniques

    - Experience with ES6, Typescript, Axios, Yarn

    - Experience with React or Vue and interested in learning React

    - Experience with Redux or Flux

    - Excellent communication skills

    - Must be a self-starter with the ability to work with minimal supervision

    - An obsession for high-quality deliveries

    - Passion for improving skills and learning new technologie

    - Fluency in English, both written and spoken, is required


    - Competitive compensation package

    - Opportunity to work for a fast growing company in one of the hottest industries 

    - Flexible working hours and environment

    - Modern work equipment

    - 32-40 hour working week


Location: Netherlands

Number of positions: 1

Please submit your applications via email :
Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Next level.

Claire is een tool voor procesoptimalisatie waarmee verschillende afdelingen in de automotive-branche efficiënter kunnen samenwerken. Daardoor wordt verspilling geminimaliseerd, transparantie gerealiseerd en informatiestromen binnen het bedrijf geoptimaliseerd.

Maar daar blijft het niet bij want wij hebben ambitieuze plannen. Van onze toekomstige Customer Success Manager vraagt dat structurele data-analyse en regelmatig intern overleg met verschillende afdelingen. Met jouw fingerspitzengefühl herken je vervolgens patronen en kun je aan issues verbeteracties koppelen.

Doordat jij er zo voor zorgt dat onze huidige en toekomstige, met name in Europa gevestigde klanten, tevreden zijn met hun resultaten, lever jij een belangrijke bijdrage aan ons succes.


 Je verbetert het succes van onze klanten niet op individueel klantniveau, maar de door jou geïnitieerde verbeteringen verbeteren de kwaliteit van onze producten en klantprocessen in het algemeen.

 Je verzamelt gegevens uit verschillende bronnen en analyseert deze om tot verbeteringen te komen. 

 Je herkent patronen binnen en tussen gegevensbronnen en verbindt daar conclusies aan. 

 Jij hebt klantcontact als dat nodig is om generieke input voor verbeteringen te formuleren. Mogelijke verbeteringen die je op klantniveau vaststelt bespreek je met de betrokken afdeling.

∙ Je hebt overleg met interne afdelingen, zoals Support, Development en de Product Owner, zodat jij verbeteringen in alle aan het product gerelateerde aspecten kunt formuleren, dus het product zelf, maar ook support, rapportages, de website, opleidingen en dergelijke. 


    We bieden je een salaris tussen de € 45.000 en 58.000 per jaar op basis van een fulltime dienstverband. Maar we hebben je meer te bieden:

     Een dynamische omgeving: Je werkt in een snelgroeiend bedrijf, met een innovatief product, in een markt die sterk in ontwikkeling is.

     Flexibiliteit: Eén of twee keer per week ben je op ons kantoor in Ede. Daarbuiten maak je helemaal zelf uit waar je werkt.

     Een mooi product: Je draagt bij aan een bewezen product dat voortdurend wordt aangepast aan nieuwe klantwensen.

    ∙ Leuke mensen: Claire is een jong bedrijf met enthousiaste en gedreven werknemers. Daar maak jij deel van uit.


       Ervaring: Je hebt minimaal 8 jaar werkervaring, waarvan minimaal 2 jaar in productmanagement, changemanagement of als Business Analist, bij voorkeur in een technische branche.

       Opleiding: Je hebt minimaal een HBO werk- en denkniveau.

       Vaardigheden: Je hebt een scherp analytisch vermogen en uitstekende communicatieve eigenschappen. Je drukt je net zo goed uit in het Engels als in het Nederlands. Je bent geïnteresseerd in psychologie en begrijpt hoe je moet omgaan met verandertrajecten en weerstand.

      ∙ Eigenschappen: Je bent straight to the point, absoluut geen pleaser en lekker nuchter van aard. Je bent nieuwsgierig en leert graag nieuwe dingen.


      Herken jij jezelf hierin? Mail dan je cv naar